COVID-19 (Corona Virus Travel Restrictions) - What are my options?

COVID-19 (Corona Virus Travel Restrictions) - What are my options?

We understand that many of you will have many questions and queries regarding your flight or travel bookings with us. As you know these are completely unprecedented times that no one has seen before and we are trying our best to handle the ever changing situation.

Airline policies in relation to the situation are changing on a daily basis and we are doing our best to keep on top of things. Unlike some other agencies we have the full force of our team on hand managing bookings and looking after clients.

Ultimately though we as always have to go by airlines rules and policies when managing any affected bookings. Please rest assured that in no circumstances are we trying to profiteer from the ongoing situation and in all cases our team are working towards doing the best they can for our clients, this is being done at a financial loss to our company but we do it as we value your business and custom.

Where airlines are allowing you to cancel and refund we will process this for you and once the refund has been received we will pass this on to you.

Many airlines are allowing customers to re-book for an alternate date and also in some cases alternate destination, in these cases you do not need to provide an alternate date now. You can do this at a later date, once the situation has improved and travel restrictions have been lifted.

Other airlines will be issuing credit notes to the value of your original booking, this can be used to redeem against another set of flights when you are ready to book. These credit notes will be valid for a minimum of 12 months from the date they are processed.

If you are struggling to get through on our phone lines please email and we will make sure you are contacted the same day.

We are constantly working with airlines to try and improve their policies for our clients. 

Kind Regards

The Management Team

Skylord Travel

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